Performers and Artists Application| Off Grid Festival 2017
Hello and welcome to Off Grid Festival's registration form for performers and artists in 2017.

Thanks for previous participants over the last few years, and we would love to have you back, in addition to adding to our family, so please complete the application too.

Please provide us with your basic contact details, registration information and a description of your proposed content, including details of relevant experience and any supporting links.

Please be aware that Off Grid is a 500 person capacity One Planet Community Festival, which requires participation from everyone involved. Please visit our website here for full details:

As such we are able to offer performers and artists tickets and meal tokens, with expenses only possible in exceptional circumstances.

The event is taking place at the Biophilia Project in Exeter.

First round APPLICATION DEADLINE April 30th 2017. We will endeavor to get back to you as sooner but will make sure our first round application decisions and bookings are made by May 14th.

If you miss the first round we would still love to hear from you but you are less likely to get a place at this years event. Second round applications start May 1st 2017.

We look forward to receiving your content and will be contact to confirm your involvement, as well as schedule your performance or installation, as soon as possible. For full event details including information on every available venue, please visit:

Please don't hesitate to get in touch via if you have any further questions.

*Note if you are using a phone: On the rare occasion that you have difficulties with completing this form using a phone you should find no problem if you switch to a laptop or PC device.

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