Youth Lead Charlotte-Mecklenburg
Apply to be part of the next Youth Lead Charlotte-Mecklenburg class (Summer 2020). The program connects emerging leaders from different schools and backgrounds. Join a growing network of young civic leaders!

The GenerationNation program enables high school students to collaborate over a semester to learn how the community works, meet students from different schools and backgrounds, and develop knowledge and skills needed by a new generation of Charlotte-Mecklenburg civic leaders.

You’ll learn about local government, civic leadership, the community’s history and future, and about big topics in our city and schools including economic opportunity, equity, segregation, community-police relations, economic development, city planning and growth, student voice, and more! Make friends with students from different backgrounds and build your networks, civic leadership, and social capital. After you complete YLCM, you're ready for active civic leadership on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council.

To ensure a diverse class of committed civic leaders, program admittance is competitive.

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