#ShopLeeHighway Resident Survey
Lee Highway Alliance is launching its #ShopLocal #ShopLeeHighway social media campaign for the 2019 Holiday Season. The campaign will feature photos of local businesses and/or their owners across LHA's Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram (@leehwyalliance) throughout the holidays. We are asking local residents to help us share stories of why Lee Highway shops are so special. In the survey below, respond to as many or as few questions as you wish about your holiday traditions that include local businesses.
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In which Civic Association do you reside? How long have you lived in the corridor?
Unsure which civic association? Use the county's interactive map for find out: https://gis.arlingtonva.us/gallery/map.html?webmap=5df3648db148426c839aeaa8d00334ed
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Which local business is your favorite for holiday gift shopping and why?
For example: Where do you prefer to buy hostess gifts? Is there a store with the best gifts for family? This can be any kind of gift shopping.
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Which local business is your favorite for holiday dinner groceries, pre-made foods, dessert, etc. and why?
This can be your favorite bakery, grocer, or even restaurant where you get food for holiday dinner, parties, etc.
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Which local business is your favorite for buying holiday decorations and why?
For example: Do you get your Christmas tree from the same place each year or do you have a favorite place to buy candles?
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Which local business is your favorite for making charitable donations and why?
This could be a favorite area nonprofit you donated directly to or a local business you know that always hosts a donation box for food or clothing drives.
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What holiday traditions do you or your family have that include local events, neighborhoods, or businesses?
For example: is there a particular neighborhood that has the best decorations you like to drive through or does a local business have a special holiday event you attend every year? Is there a restaurant you always dine at on Christmas Eve?
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Are there any other holiday favorites you have or any stories you wish to share about a local business?
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