RAR Gravel Squad Survey
If you are interested in joining the RAR Gravel Squad please fill out this survey. Once you have completed the survey you will be added to the Google Network within a week.

The RAR Gravel Squad is a community of cyclists who are FTWN-B with the following mission.

- To support, celebrate and connect a community of strong FTWN-B cyclists who challenge themselves in gravel race events.
- To increase representation and advocate for more gender inclusivity and racial equity at gravel race events.
- To be stewards of the RAR Guiding Principles.
- To inspire more FTWN-B cyclists to hold space at gravel race events.


- To participate in at least one gravel event in 2021
- To uphold the principles and be ambassadors of the RAR Guiding Principles and Cycling Industry Pledge
- You are non-binary, transgender, femme, and/or woman


- You will be added to a community network with over 400 cyclists who are FTWN-B in a Google group where you can network to meet new people, coordinate training rides in your region, ask questions, and coordinate logistics for travel and lodging at gravel events.  
- Priority registration and/or registration discounts at certain gravel race events
- Special offers through the Sponsors of the Gravel Program

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Does your lifestyle allow you the time and energy to train, travel, and participate in gravel races around the U.S.?
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What is the longest distance you have ridden your bike in one day?
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