MISTER B: Living with a 98-Year-Old Rocket Scientist by A. Lynn Byk with Joseph Byk REVIEWS
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We're looking for reviewers for MISTER B: Living with a 98-Year-Old Rocket Scientist by A. Lynn Byk with Joseph Byk. This is a humorous and heartfelt memoir.

Content Warnings: None

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Reviews need to be posted by April 30th.

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This is the #1 Best Selling, Pinnacle Award Recipient.

Mister B's jaunty calculating rhythm offers timely subject matter for adult children caring for parents and grandparents. With middle-age couched between quirky days and minutes of kindness, MISTER B's confessions roll tide from the earliest days of aerospace engineering in Alabama through World War II and the Cold War secrecy. So, how will life unfold when a chauffeur-cook decides to move into the home of this self-centered, 98-Year-Old Rocket Scientist... will she really lend aid?

Mister B is a book that spins Americana like cotton candy. He could care less about being politically correct. That's not Mr. B's style. But, it seems his plan is to live forever.

For curiosity seekers of aerospace and structural science, for story lovers of the Greatest Generation and World War II, for family members caring for aging parents... Mister B is a treasure worth unearthing. Lacking education, a child of Polish immigrant parents, Joseph Byk determined to get educated and use what he learned to design flying machines. If you liked the movie, Imagine That, you'll love this book.

How did Mister B pull himself up by his bootstraps in the 1930s and 1940s? This much is true, that the old’ man views history as his current state, telling all he can manage to repeat, while his new companions embark to redesign his dry acre into a flowering conversation piece where mushroom collecting. The unlikely companions eventually discover why they each still matter.

Joseph Byk was born in 1916, the Woonsocket, Rhode Island son of Polish immigrants. From the disadvantage of rope-tied, baggy pants poverty, Mister B becomes a man whose search for meaning defies gravity as much as his work on the 1930s new flight trainers and spacecraft do. How does he do it?

This instructive and humorous aerospace memoir, Mister B, offers biographical tender family stories, irony, and historic photographs to make a disgruntled reader furiously happy. It can be found in the grumpy old men’s section at your local bookstore...aging older men.


"A wonderful book, brimming with humor and spirituality. The characters are lovingly drawn and Byk provides her readers with a day-by-day recounting of how her life intersects with the indefatigable Mister B, whose memory seems almost photographic even at the age of 98! The book is enlivened by photographs from early-to-middle twentieth century America. A very worthwhile multi-generational read." -Jan Kalickion

"Byk fully constructs Mr. B, from the Rhode Island coastal awe in his voice to his penchant for mustard on peeled egg. In these small, perfectly executed moments, Byk brings her fascinating family to life for readers with warm and genuinely funny wit..." - KIRKUS REVIEW

A jaunty & terrific confessional of unusual love. If you liked Driving With Miss Daisy, or No Highway in the Sky, Mister B's survival tactics may also help you stay above the curve. - Verified Reader

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