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What do we do in Maker Intensives?
At Resource Depot’s Maker Intensives, Students spend three days of learning and making with a guest artist to build skills in specific art areas. Students may be attending with no prior experience, which is were the teaching artist may need help from the volunteers in guiding students. Class size is limited to 8 students. We are interested in Volunteers that have experience with all or some of these skills: power tools, wood working, sculpture making, sewing, fiber art, printmaking or photography. Volunteers are expected to help the instructor prep, pass out materials and aid students in executing their projects as well as helping with clean up. Most of the day is spent making, so we like our volunteers to be engaged with our students and having fun themselves. It is a great way to experience art being taught and gain experience working with youth, plus earn community service hours.

Campers are 13-16 years old. A Maker Intensive Volunteer must be 17 or older.

We do criminal background checks on all camp staff and volunteers. After we process your application, we require an interview and short orientation. We ask that this position be treated like a job; show up on time, call ahead if you can’t make it and be respectful of campers and other staff members. You will have an hour lunch break, you may choose to eat with the campers, or take your break at a different time, so you can help prep projects while the instructor eats with the students. Camp hours are 8:30 am-4/5:00pm, if you have to leave early or want to volunteer half days, that is acceptable as long as arrangements are made ahead of time.
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Background checks
I understand that a background investigation may be conducted and is not limited to a criminal background check in the files of any Federal, state or local justice agency, driving history, performance of medical examinations, drug screening or reference verification. By answering yes below you are authorize Resource Depot and associated entities to conduct the background investigation and release Resource Depot.
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I certify that all information in this application is true and complete. I understand that any false information or omission may disqualify me from further consideration for volunteer service and may result in my dismissal later. If selected as a volunteer, I agree to comply with the rules and regulations of Resource Depot. I also understand that smoking is prohibited on Resource Depot’s property.

I understand that as a volunteer, I may become privy to confidential information about Resource Depot. I agree to maintain the confidentiality of any information marked “confidential” as well as any information about the Resource Depot’s business operations, organizational structure, employee information, financial operations, marketing strategy, organization, donor lists and amounts, plans for upcoming events, current or proposed business transactions and sponsorships, and any proprietary information such as computer software and programming and the like that is not otherwise publicly disclosed. I will not use any confidential information in any manner that would be detrimental to Resource Depot.

At all times during my volunteer work with Resource Depot, I will conduct myself in such a manner as not to reflect unfavorably on or in any way diminish the reputation of Resource Depot.

The staff of Resource Depot’s Maker Intensives is committed to providing a loving, safe, enjoyable, and creative atmosphere for everyone; however, volunteers are also responsible to assist in these efforts. If behavior problems arise, we handle each conflict on an individual basis. Bad conduct may be grounds for dismissal.
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