Survey Pop Up Pier in Kennedy Town
There is a proposal to change the wide and open space of the Pop Up Pier into a fenced-off community garden. Together we can work to keep this part of the pier open for all people to enjoy.We invite you — residents, community, city carers, conscious HKers — to voice out what you want here. Let us know what you would like to see at the Pop Up Pier in Kennedy Town by completing this short survey. It consists of 10 closed questions and the possibility to add own suggestions. Your participation in this survey is anonymous. When referred to ‘the pier’, the yellow highlighted area on the photo below is meant. 我們應如何善用堅尼地城海旁空間呢? 透過完成簡短的問卷向我們表達你的想法和意見。
How often do you come to the pier? 你來碼頭的次數是 ? *
When do you visit the pier? 你在甚麼時候享用碼頭 ?
What do you think of the pier as it is? 你滿意現在碼頭的狀況嗎? *
What do you currently like to do at the pier (please tick photos)? 你日常在碼頭進行甚麼活動呢 ? (可選多項 )
What other activities would you like at the pier? 你想在碼頭見到/進行甚麼活動呢 ? ( 可選多項 )
What facilities do you like to have at the pier (please tick photos)? 你希望在碼頭加設甚麼設施呢 ? ( 可選多項 )
Do you support a fenced off community garden at Berth 1-3, only accessible to the tenants who draw lots successfully, and pay for it? 你想不想堅尼地城海濱的地方被圍欄圍起成為社區園圃,只有被抽籤抽中和付款的租戶才能使用,不再是公眾可以自由使用的地方? *
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Do you have any other suggestions about what you would like to see on the pier? 對於在碼頭上可進行的活動,有沒有其他建議/意見 ?
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What is your age? 你的年齡是 ? *
What is your gender? 你的性別是什麼 ? *
Where do you live? 你住在 ? *
What do you do? 你的職業? *
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