BodyFabulous BESPOKE Applications NOW OPEN
Thankyou for your interest in my high touch BESPOKE coaching program

For women at all stages of motherhood, to start prioritising themselves with optimal mindset, movement and nutrition strategies to build consistency with proven and effective whole body workouts….that actually train your core !

For more nearly two decades, I've helped thousands of women of all ages, all over the world over to achieve this.  

I only take a VERY limited number of applicants to ensure I provide the best VIP service that is specifically tailored to your goals and needs. This mentorship is designed to coach you how to create and sustain the level of fitness and wellness you love through education, mindset, clinical nutrition plan and specialised workouts including online, small group sessions and private 1:1 coaching

My purpose is to support you every step of the way using my proven B.F.A.B Method success path.

BESPOKE is unique PROVEN PROGRAM that helps women ditch “all or nothing” workouts and depleting diets for a sustainable exercise and nutrition routine CUSTOMISED to their stage of motherhood.

Even if they have been told that leaking, pelvic pain, core weakness, and constant aches are just

a “new normal” of motherhood" (PSA -they're NOT!)

So they can go from sluggish to stronger, exhausted to energised, and get leaner without leaking and losing their lifestyle

Please fill in the form below it should only take 3 minutes, and will not commit you to anything.  
Everything you share is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of me and my BodyFabulous team.

There are no right or wrong answers - this form is to give me some insights about you and see if my program and style of coaching is suitable for you...

Looking forward to reading your application and once it is reviewed, I will personally be in touch

Important : please only apply if you have medical clearance to exercise.

xx Dahlas

Founder BodyFabulous Fitness
Mama of 3

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Answer prompts:  
What are your lifestyle goals? What are your fitness goals? 
What are you currently struggling with? Any nutrition concerns ? What has stopped you moving forward before? 
Do you have the time to dedicate five hours a week to commit to a coaching program? 

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If you answered YES or SOMETIMES to above what types of exercise do you enjoy and how often do you do it ? 
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Any exercise equipment at home ? 
(don't worry if you don't have any inside the program I provide you with exactly where to get your equipment for success)
Tell me what nutrition programs / diets have tried in the past or specify if are you currently doing ? 
Answer prompts : e.g Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Detoxes, Meal replacement Shakes, Macro Tracking, Clean eating, Cabbage Soup Diet, Carb Free etc
Where did you find out about Dahlas at BodyFabulous Fitness and BESPOKE initially, AND what is the last touchpoint you have had prior to applying? *
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