PUB Member Survey
Thank you for taking the time to answer this short survey. Your participation in this survey will help the club officers to get to know you better and will be used to help make improvements to the club.
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What type of hives do you keep?
How many hives do you keep?
Where do you keep your hives?
How do you integrate beekeeping into your life?
Have you ever harvested anything from the hive to share or sell?
What has surprised you the most about working with bees?
How would you describe your relationship with bees?
How has your beekeeping style or philosophy changed over time?
What or who has influenced your beekeeping the most?
Do you have any funny or unusual beekeeping experiences?
What advice would you give to somebody who is interested in becoming a beekeeper?
If you were to start over, what would you do different?
PUB occasionally hosts events for out-of-town speakers. Given the following options, please chose one you'd most like to attend.
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Are there any other speakers you'd like us to host for a special event?
Do you have any suggestions for the PUB officers or ideas for the club?
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