Letter of Intent to Help Grow Our IT Workforce
Dear Interapt,

My company is excited to partner with Interapt and its technology training program. Like many companies, we have a growing demand for IT employees and software developers. These critical resources are paramount to building and maintaining the technology that drives our business. With more than 313,000 unfilled positions across the United States, the demand far exceeds the supply our workforce has to offer.

Interapt’s program helps fill this talent gap, create opportunities for individuals who have been passed over by the IT sector, and stimulate economic growth. We believe immersive training with an apprenticeship opportunity helps potential new-hires learn the critical technical, business, and soft skills essential to being a successful part of our company. This program will enable the modern workforce to be more qualified for stable and well-paid jobs.

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In Conclusion
This effort will produce a technology workforce that fills our immediate workforce needs while promoting greater diversity. Additionally, we believe this will support sustainable pathways into the technology field through connections with employers. We look forward to collaborating with Interapt to achieve these goals.


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