Kindness Challenge 2021
We're planning another Kindness Challenge to coincide with the 2021 Project for Awesome! Currently we're planning to have the challenge run the month of February. The kindness challenge is all about decreasing worldsuck by improving yourself, your community, or your world! You can learn more about the last Kindness Challenge at

We're looking for input, ideas, and submissions in two areas: Acts and Perks!
If you have more than one idea for either category, please submit each one individually (but you can submit one Act + one Perk idea at the same time).
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Acts of Awesome
We all know this past year is ~ unprecedented ~ and that has also impacted the Kindness Challenge. We want to be able to adjust or add as many Acts as possible that can be done digitally, remotely, low-contact, or no-contact—in ways that keep participants as safe as possible. If you have any ideas, organizations, online resources, and other actions that can work as Acts, please submit them!

In addition, we're looking to increase the number of Acts that are doable for non-US residents. We're working on adapting and adjusting many we currently have, but we're also looking for new ideas! This includes not only Acts that are possible/doable worldwide, but also things that are more specific to other regions or countries!

Note that not all ideas submitted may be used as Acts, or they may be edited or combined with others.
What is your idea for an Act of Awesome?
Are there any restrictions on this act we should be aware of (requires IRL contact, only X country, must be over 18, etc.)
This year, we're focusing on community perks over individual perks. This will allow more people to enjoy the perks - and more perks being completely fulfilled! This also means perks won't be personalized, but can involve community participation (e.g. submissions or voting from KC participants). Past perks have included art, writing, podcasts/audio recordings, videos, livestreams, and more! We're also looking to have all perks complete and with the P4A team by the end of February (if not earlier).

If you have a perk you'd like to contribute, tell us about it.
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