Terrace Graduate Board Candidacy Application
For those helping to bring Terrace into the future, future, future
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The Governance Committee strongly urges that potential board candidates spend time volunteering for a board committee before applying to join the board. Please see our volunteer enrollment form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KToCuP0bnaURwSI21eKMliT_iUeFzAWWC3l7_MlCBGA
Introduction and the application process
The governance committee thanks you for expressing interest in joining the Terrace grad board!

Below are a few questions to help us get to know you. Your answers can be very brief and informal, so don’t worry about crafting them to perfection.

Some of the information you provide here will be presented to the governance committee and then the grad board at large if you choose to move forward with your application as a grad board candidate.

Please plan on attending the next upcoming grad board meeting, unless you absolutely can’t make it. The meetings take place in the Terrace library, so an in-person visit would be preferred if you’re in the area. People who are too far away to join in-person can join digitally via Zoom or dial in to a provided phone conference line.

After reviewing the information from this form, the governance committee will set up a panel-style interview between you and two or more people from the governance committee.

If you have any questions or comments or anything else, please feel free to reach out to:
Andrew Chong (Governance committee co-chair): achong@alumni.princeton.edu
Jenny Korn (Governance committee co-chair): jkorn@alumni.princeton.edu
About grad board membership
Terrace alumni with a passion for the club are invited to serve on the board of directors (aka the graduate board).  It’s a chance to be with students and other alumni, spend more time at Terrace, and ensure the “Food = Love” spirit lives on.

The board is a sort of inter-generational brain trust, an inclusive, diverse group whose role is to:
- Develop and update our mission
- Plan strategically for Terrace's ongoing success and well-being
- Engage Terran students and alumni to communicate the current activities and priorities of the club and to encourage a long-term commitment to Terrace
- Hire, review, and compensate staff to manage day-to-day operations
- Ensure club policies are up to date and being followed
- Ensure the club's fiscal health by preserving our assets and raising funds
- Run Terrace-related events

Individual board members serve three-year renewable terms and commit to:
- Participating in as many board meetings as possible
- Serving on at least one committee
- Actively seeking to effectively help with their chosen projects and committees
- Responding in a timely fashion to communications about their chosen projects and committees
- Donating to Terrace in an amount meaningful to them, and encouraging other alumni to donate
- Attending and, possibly, hosting Terrace events
- Serving as active board members and members of the Terrace community
- Inform the Board chair or governance committee chairs if they can no longer commit to fulfilling their duties as a graduate board member
What is your preferred name/nickname?
What is your preferred email address? *
What is your preferred phone number?
In what city/state (or country if outside the USA) do you currently live?
Please tell a little about yourself! How do you feel about life, the universe, and everything? How do you feel about Terrace? *
What is your class year? *
Have you held any Terrace-related position as an undergrad member (officer, chair, etc.) or alumnus? *
This is just for informational purposes. No prior experience or position is needed or expected to be a graduate board member!
What skills, knowledge, experience, abilities or other resources do you have that could be helpful as a board member? *
What committees or projects would you hope to work on as a board member? *
A brief description of committees can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DZPTf9vt9nNw5ILK91GSjl28S77KUdWeUoXUJBcjGgM
Why do you want to join the grad board? *
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