Wyoming Outdoor Expo in Casper: Teacher Registration Form
If you are planning on having your students attend the Wyoming Outdoor Expo: Celebrating Wyoming's Wildlife and Wild Places, registration is REQUIRED by April 1, 2019 to facilitate a positive, well organized educational experience for students.

The Wyoming Outdoor Expo is a free event and will be open to school classes on Thursday, May 9th and Friday, May 10th at the Casper Events Center. This event is appropriate for students in all grades, although it is generally geared towards the 4th-5th grade level. All classes planning to attend need to register in order to inform our planning process. We will follow up with a detailed teacher information packet sent via email to all registered groups in April.

Activities we plan to have include: various shooting sports (archery, air rifle, shotgun), fish biology & ID, fish life cycle/hatcheries and stocking, fish passage & migration, aquatic invasive species, native fish & mussels, fly and spin casting, the history of fish & wildlife management in Wyoming, bear safety, non-game species biology and management (sage grouse, black footed ferret, etc.), wildlife ID, wildlife tracking, wildlife research techniques/technology, deer migration, wildlife forensics, wildlife diseases, outdoor survival, canoeing, snowshoeing, trail building, orienteering, boating safety, knot tying, ORV safety, careers in wildlife, fisheries, and outdoor recreation, and more!

Please be advised that photographs will be taken at the Wyoming Outdoor Expo for use on the Wyoming Game and Fish website, marketing materials, other Game and Fish publications and in the press. By entering this event, you and your students consent to the department photographing and using your image and likeness.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact the statewide education coordinator Ashley Leonard at (307) 777-4535 / ashley.leonard@wyo.gov

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Please rank the following topics that you would like to have us prioritize in your rotation schedule, with 1 being your top priority and 4 being your lowest priority. If you would like a good mix of all topics, you may select the no preference option for all of them.
Examples of what might be included in each category are as follows:

Aquatic Wildlife, Habitat & Conservation
Examples include: fish dissection, fish migration, fish spawning & hatcheries, native fish & mussels, Aquatic Invasive species, Fish ID & trivia

Terrestrial Wildlife & Habitat Conservation
Examples include: reptiles & amphibians, waterfowl, wildlife diseases, wildlife forensics, animal skulls, pelts, tracks & adaptations, wildlife friendly fencing, bear safety

Outdoor Skills & Safety
Examples include: Off-road vehicle safety, constellations, wayfinding & compass navigation, trail building, camping skills, tread lightly & leave no trace ethics

Hunting and Fishing Skills
Examples include: adaptations for disabled hunters, field dressing, horse packing, bear safety, fly tying, rod rigging & knots, understanding Wyoming lands, hunter ethics & skills

Priority #1 (highest)
Priority #2
Priority #3
Priority #4 (lowest)
The activities listed below were the most popular last year, and we'd like to ensure that each group has an opportunity to attend at least one of them. Please rank the following in order of highest priority for your students to attend (with 1 being top preference and 7 being lowest preference). If you do not have a preference, please just select the "any of the options- they all sound fun!" option.
Air Rifle
Mountain Biking
Any of the above sound fun!
Priority 1 (highest)
Priority 2
Priority 3
Priority 4
Priority 5
Priority 6
Priority 7 (lowest)
Please check this box if you DO NOT want your students to participate in live fire (shooting shotguns)
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