Best Dutch Data Science Department
Which Dutch data science department has the best data science culture and what makes this culture so attractive? Dutch Data Science Week organizes this election to create an image of the best data science companies of the Netherlands and the characteristics of the best data science culture.

Use the form below to nominate a department or company and to provide a comment about the characteristics of its culture.

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The Rules
- You can nominate one department/company only.
- Your email address will only be used to communicate about the results of the election, unless you click to opt in for additional update in the bottom of this form.
- Consultancy firms and other companies providing data science services to customers are excluded from participation.
- The overall winner will be the organization with the most nominations.
- This election runs from February 26 until May 25, 2019.
- The results will be published during Dutch Data Science Week.
- Everyone who participates is eligible to win one of the three stacks of five in-depth data science books.
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What makes this department so awesome? (high impact models and solutions, skill level of team, innovative projects, personal development options, perks, etc.) *
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Dutch Data Science Week
Dutch Data Science Week (, takes place from 3 - 7 June, 2019.
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