Foster Family Application
Basic foster family informational questions - Please note these questions are to help us find the best foster placement for you, we kindly ask you answer as accurately as possible to ensure the best foster match.
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Are you able to commit to frequent communication with the shelter regarding the status of the animals - including sharing photos and updating about general behaviour/wellbeing? *
Do you have any previous experience fostering?
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If yes, please explain your prior experience (number of years, what animals you worked with, if you have any experience with ill/injured/behavioural issues animals).
What type of animals are you willing to foster?
If you chose puppies/kittens, do you have prior experience with training and socialization of young animals? Please briefly explain.
Please briefly describe your living arrangements (flat vs house, if you have a lift or stairs for access, garden access or park access, if you have cat nets on your windows, etc.)
Do you have other pets?
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If yes, what types and how many?
Do you petsit/have other pets visit your home frequently?
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Do you have young children, or have young children visiting your home?
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Who are the members of your household (roommates, spouses, family, etc.)?
Who will be the caregivers for the foster/s?
If you are fostering with view to adopt, who are the household members involved in the adoption decision? You can leave this blank if it does not apply to your situation.
How long can you foster for (i.e. 1 month, indefinitely)?
How many hours are you home a day?
Would you be willing to travel to the vet?
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Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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