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The Natural Health Clinic (NHC) of Halton is dedicated to provide patients with the most competent health care involving full comprehensive health assessment and individualized treatment.

NHC of Halton is located on the main floor of the North Oakville Medical Centre in the vicinity of the New Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. This area has undergone rapid development in the last few years, with both residential and commercial developments continuing to expand.

NHC has a special interest in preventative medicine and offers tailored Health and Wellness Assessments and Programs suited for your individualized lifestyle needs. Our healthcare team has diverse specialties offering and teaching you the essential tools required for optimizing your health and well-being by targeting your physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Our vision is to become a clinic for health promotion and disease prevention in addition to becoming innovative leaders in the advancement of Naturopathic and integrative primary healthcare to the community of Halton and beyond.

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109-3075 Hospital Gate,
Oakville ON L6M 1M1
Phone: (905) 582-2360

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The Reason For Naturopathy

Since I began to study Naturopathy and I have been telling the people around me, I have noticed that, in general, there is a great lack of knowledge about it. I have found practically everything, I always stay with the optimistic people and they have encouraged me, but still some think that it is a kind of "natural home remedies", others that is to cure with plants or to be vegetarian, also others they think it's natural medicine ... I've even come across people who told me that if I was studying to be a healer or witch ... something that has surprised me enough in how much can the ignorance of people, and that I I have nothing against witches, in fact, I have always fallen pretty well.

Naturopathy is a science itself, it is found within the Health Sciences. Therefore it has an autonomous character and its main objective is the study of health. The study of health is not the same as the study of disease.

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Naturopathy means "The way of Nature", is an old art but also a new Science, for that reason the great ignorance that arises around her. Its goal is to achieve an optimal health condition in people, which will lead to an absence of disease, but it does not focus on curing a symptom or a specific disease but on getting people to obtain their own healing strength. For this, Naturopathy works with food, which is our fuel, can also help from herbology, are also very important natural stimuli of the sun, air, land and water, and also works in the plane of the emotions, since people are considered as a whole, emotions are causes of illness, it is important that the body and mind are in harmony.
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It tries to find out what the origin of the disease is, it eliminates the toxemia that the organism has, it cleanses the body and it is taught to feed properly, it helps the person to find his happiness, to manage for himself his emotions , so it is so important the dialogue between the Naturopath and the consultant, you can work with NLP, Bach flowers, relaxation techniques and helps the body to restore its life force with manual techniques such as reflexology or energy such as acupuncture. The fan is very wide and each Naturopath can use the ones he prefers. Naturopath does not cure, it only helps to learn healthy behaviors, not to constantly go against the laws of Nature, everything is a set, man does not have to be outside that global whole. He is an accompanist, an adviser, an educator and a health coach.
At no time is Naturopathy an alternative technique to Medicine. It is not intended to replace any diagnosis of a physician or to be the alternative of a medication. Naturopathy is a complementary path, it is learning to know what is the natural way in which we would have to be, that is with health, and always try to do it in the least harmful way for the organism, relying on the strength that has the same , not covering the symptoms if not listening and trying to know what they are trying to say ... It is not about healing but about healing.

Naturopathy is much more than using some natural remedies, taking some plants to cure a stomach ache or eating only vegetables. It is to be healthy, to learn to live, to learn from Nature and to carry it out as a philosophy of life. And that I want to be my job, is not it wonderful?

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