♦ Bestiary Suggestions ♦
Have an idea or a type of beast you'd like to see in the world of Roseil as either a familiar or a lore-related creature? Send us your idea! You can be as in depth or as vague as you want to be.

Please understand that not all suggestions can be accepted.
♦ Submitting Vague Ideas ♦
♦ Vague Ideas can be as simple as "glow mouse"
♦ You will be credited as the suggester when the species is revealed, if we use your idea.
♦ You will not be credited on the website.
♦ If we use your idea, we will give you a free MYO slot for the beast when it's revealed.
♦ Submitting In Depth Ideas and Preexisting Species Concepts ♦
♦ In depth ideas are submissions that contain well established lore and/or descriptions/art.
♦ Preexisting Species Concepts are beasts you have fully established, that may even come with mascots/trait sheets/other assets.
♦ We ask for the rights and ownership to the species submitted, to prevent having to discontinue a beast due to the creator leaving, being blacklisted, or deciding they want to use the species for their own things in the future.
♦ We are willing to compensate you with either money and/or Roseilorn related items.
♦ You will be credited as the initial creator/designer of the species on the website.
♦ Username ♦ *
Please give your discord tag so we can easily contact you.
♦ Species Concept ♦ *
If there are illustrations and/or the species is preexisting and already developed, please submit the information using a sta.sh folder link.
♦ If this is an in-depth/preexisting species of yours, what do you want in exchange? ♦
Please keep in mind that transactions involving money may take time to negotiate and pay depending on the price.
Clear selection
♦ If trading or selling it to the group, please specify the value or items you want in exchange. ♦
♦ You have read and accept the conditions of submitting a species to the Roseilorn group. ♦ *
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