Cryptocurrency Mastermind
The objective of this survey is to vet and bring together a small, intimate group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts in an ongoing mastermind format to share knowledge and best practices.

A common issue I've heard from others is that forums around the web get so big and impersonal that they end up inundated with spam, misinformation, shilling, and streams of the same repetitive questions day after day.

On the contrary, this group will serve as a way to bring together sincere, intelligent and diverse perspectives to sift through the noise and share invaluable insights that leave everyone better informed to make more sound decisions.

Time and frequency will be TBD based on responses. Also, for your knowledge and entertainment, select macro statistics (such as favorite coins, most hated coins, favorite research methods, etc.) may be shared with those who complete this application after applications are closed at some point in the future.

If you're reading this right now, applications are still open — as soon as the group is full, this link will be disabled.

Tweet @jphoenix24 with the #cryptocurrencymastermind hashtag for any questions, to confirm your submission, or just to say hello.

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Cryptocurrency expertise level
How recently did you first get involved in the cryptocurrency space?
How much time do you spend researching cryptocurrency in a given week?
What is your main objective in being involved with cryptocurrency?
Which coin(s) or token(s) do you believe has the best chance to achieve widespread adoption 3-5 years from now? Why? (If you have more than one in mind, please rank them)
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Which coin(s) or token(s) would you never consider going anywhere near? Why? (If you have more than one in mind, please rank them)
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In a hypothetical alternate universe, if your cryptocurrency portfolio were to eclipse $30M, how would you live your life differently?
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Which research sources have you found to be most helpful and trustworthy?
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Do you have any personal strategies regarding research and investments? What does your vetting process look like?
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Do you attend any crypto conferences or meetups that you would recommend to others?
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Would you be interested in a small knowledge sharing mastermind group of other enthusiasts? What types of things could you share with the group?
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What types of things would you want to learn from the group? What are your biggest sticking points?
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How often would you like to have group discussions?
Random question: What are some of your biggest pet peeves in life (may be useful for group pairings)?
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This probably shouldn't need to be said, but it does: Do you understand that investing in anything is inherently risky, that you should never risk any money you're not willing to lose, that no one else's opinion here is financial advice, and that you are responsible for living with the consequences of your own trading decisions — whether they turn out to be great or horrific? *
Any other random comments you'd like to add? Any other ideas I should think about to make this survey or mastermind group more awesome?
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