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2019 Winter Retreat Recap Video
Winter Retreat Details
Middle and High School Students

A 3 day 2 night student winter retreat

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

To get away together and look to God to do something big in the life of our students!

January 18-20 (Saturday—Monday of MLK weekend)

$130* per student

Payment Dates
$50 Non-refundable Deposit upon registration until spots are gone
2nd & Final Payment of $80 due by December 8th*

Limited Spots Available (we will run out of spots so sign up today)
* Space is limited and will be reserved on first come first serve basis and does not cover all the meals or free time cost
**Family discount: Family rate of $210 for 2 or more students attending

“I need money for this trip!”
Does this describe you? Here are some helpful options that can assist you in making sure you are able to attend this trip without breaking the bank.
Savings/fundraising options;
- babysitting - wash cars - lawn care (leaf pickup) - do chores for $ - ask for this trip as a Christmas gift - house cleaning - yard sale - use Christmas/birthday/allowance money

Partial Scholarships are available. Apply online on our student ministry page at before Nov 1st.
Bring Extra Money for:
-3 Lunches avg. cost $7
-any extra spending
Our Cabin
So where are we staying!? In a gorgeous 12-bedroom, 12-(and 2 half) bathroom Pigeon Forge lodge for 54 people is impressive all around: style, views, amenities, comfort, convenience, and space. When you pull up to the luxurious log lodge, we will get a peek of the fantastic Smoky Mountain views waiting for you on the other side. Log and iron features give you that rustic mountain feel, but amenities inside ensure your stay is far from roughing it. TVs in every bedroom, a pool table, relaxing rocking chairs, community pool access, easy parking on driveway, a washer/dryer, big screen TVs…the list goes on and on. Mountview Paradise even boasts a movie theater and a private indoor pool with gorgeous mountain views that is sure to impress both kids and adults.

Who will I be staying with!? Girls will have their own area, with their peers and our female adult leaders. The Guys will have their own area, with their peers and male adult leaders.

Will I be with my friend? Yes! Have a friend or bring a friend and you will be together.
What will the leader to student ratio be? 1 to 5 ratio.

Can I bring my cell phone, ipod, ipad, etc? No, our desire is that we all unplug for just 3 days and fellowship together. Don’t worry we will have someone taking plenty of videos and photos.

How will I get there? We will drive vans and cars (if needed) driven by leaders accordingly. Vans will be divided up sex/age appropriately as best we can.

Other questions? Just ask, or call the church office.
What to bring?
o A desire to draw near to God
o Casual clothing for three days and two nights
o Bathing suit (girls must be one piece and guys swim trunks and shirt)
o Pajamas that appropriate and meet guidelines
o Spending money for snacks, mall visit, free time options, etc. (Not required)
o Bring a favorite snack and drink to be shared with others
o Bible, pen, notebook, etc.
o Hygiene essentials.

Ø No phones (Every adult leader will have a cell phone in the event that you need to contact your student or that they need to contact you.)
Ø No electronics allowed (xbox, PSP, Wii, etc.)
Ø No headphones allowed
ØTobacco, drugs, alcohol or weapons, water balloons
Ø Clothing with questionable sayings, slogans, etc.
Ø Spaghetti strap tops, halter tops, tube tops or tank tops
Please check with your leader prior to event for guidelines related to what you can and cannot bring if you have a ques-tion.

Winter Retreat Regulations
1. Everyone must attend all sessions, meals and activities unless excused by an adult counselor for
medical rea-sons.
2. Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco of any kind are prohibited, as are fireworks and weapons.
3. Water bottles, water balloons, and shaving cream lights are not allowed unless directed by student
4. Adult leaders must accompany students to all activities.
5. No girls allowed in guys rooms at anytime. No guys allowed in girls rooms at anytime.
6. No one should be out of room after said time for any reason.
7. We will be doing a lot of walking. Please wear comfort-able shoes and warm clothing.
8. Remember this is a SPIRITUAL Retreat! We will be doing & not doing things for this reason.
9. Have fun, however any damage to the lodge will be paid by the student that damages property.
10. Anything else Pastor Michael decides to add to this list :)
2020 Winter Retreat Schedule*
Saturday, January 18, 2020
9:15 AM Arrive to load up and depart from Calvary
12:00 AM Fast food lunch* (*student cost)
4:00 PM Check in the lodge
4:30 PM Unload & Dinner (at the lodge)
5:45 PM Depart for Session I
7:00 PM – Session I
9:30 PM – Free Time
11:00 PM – Church Time
11:30 guys time & girls time
12:00 AM – Lights Out!

Sunday, January 19, 2020
9:00 AM Breakfast at the lodge
10:00 AM – Personal Devotion
10:20 AM – Depart for Session II
11:00 AM – Session II
12:30 PM – Structured free time
12:45 PM Lunch (*Student Cost)
5:00 PM Dinner with Church (TBA)
5:45 PM Depart for Session III
7:00 PM – Session III
9:30 PM – Free Time
11:30 PM – Church Time
11:45 PM guys time & girls time
12:30 AM – Lights Out!

Monday, January 20, 2020
8:30 AM Breakfast at lodge
9:30 AM Load up vans
10:15 AM – Personal Devotion
10:30 AM – Depart for Session IV
11:00 AM – Session IV
12:30 PM – Fast food lunch* (*student cost)
1:30 PM Leave for Calvary
6:00 PM Arrive at Calvary/dismiss

*Subject to change
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Parent/Guardian Commitment Section
As a parent/guardian, what is one thing you would like to see happen in your students life during this weekend?
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I understand that I will have to pay a $50 deposit for my registration to be completed? *
I understand that the remaining $80 is due on December 8th to finalize my registration? *
I understand that there is a no cell phone policy on this trip and that you will help make sure you student abides by this rule. (In the event of an emergency, all leaders will have their phones available) *
I understand that in the event that my student breaks any rules, feels they need to leave or an emergency arises, that I will be responsible for their transportation. *
Permission/Waiver Form Functions and Activities
It is my understanding that participating in the programs and recreational and other activities of Calvary Baptist Church Min-istries is aprivilege. Prior to my participation in such activities, I acknowledge that there are certain risks associated with the activities, including,by way of example, physical injury due to activity related accidents, physical injury due to transportation related accidents, illness, oreven death. In addition, I acknowledge that there may be other risks inherent in these activities of which I may not be presently aware. Release of Liability. By signing this Permission/Waiver Form, I expressly warrant that the child named above or I, if I am a participant, am capable ofwithstanding both the physical and mental demands of the activities discussed above. I also expressly assume all risks of the child orme participating in the activities, whether such risks are known or unknown to me at this time. I further release Calvary Baptist ChurchMinistries and its ministers, leaders, em-ployees, volunteers, and agents from any claim that my child may have or that I may haveagainst them as a result of injury or illness incurred during the course of participation in the activi-ties. This release of liability shall include (without limitation) any claims of negligence or breach of warranty. This release of liability is also intended to cover all claimsthat members of the child's or my family or estate, heirs, representatives, or assigns may have against Calvary Baptist Church Ministries or its ministers, leaders, employees, volunteers, or agents. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Calvary BaptistChurch Ministries and its ministers, leaders, employees, volunteers, or agents from any and all claims arising from my participation inits activities and programs, or as a result of injury or illness of my child during such activities. I do hereby give permission for agents of Calvary Baptist Church Ministries to seek and secure any needed medical attention or treatment for the child named above or me, if Iam a participant, including hospitalization, if in the agent's opinion such need arises. I also agree to pay all fees and costs arising fromthis action to obtain medical treatment. I give permission for attending physician's) and other medical personnel to administer anyneeded medical treatment, including surgery and, again, I agree to pay for the medical treatment. Informed Consent and Acknowledgement
I have read the Permission/Waiver Form and am fully familiar with the contents thereof. I give permission for the student named above to participate in the activities of Calvary Baptist Church Ministries, including any special events/activities described above. In consideration for allowing the participation of the child in the activities of Calvary Baptist ChurchMinistries, I hereby consent to the Permission/Waiver Form, including the Release of Liability above, on behalf of the student, and agreethat this Permission/Waiver Form shall be binding upon me, my family, heirs, legal representatives, successors, and assigns.
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