Super Meat Boy Any% Knockout Tournament
Hello pals! warm_ham here. I am excited to announce the first ever Super Meat Boy any% knockout tournament. We will be duking it out Fall Guys-style until one runner is left standing!

WHEN: Round 1 - October 24th / Top 8 - October 25th (start times TBD)


The any% knockout tournament will run as a series of back-to-back any% races (5 on day one, 7 on day two). Eliminations are as follows:
Rounds 1-3: 4 lowest times eliminated
Rounds 4-5: 2 lowest times eliminated
Rounds 6-12: 1 lowest time eliminated

- To be part of the Super Meat Boy speedrunning discord
- To be able to stream on Twitch
- A account synced to Livesplit (DM me if you need help with this!)
- An any% time under 25 minutes

There will be a cap of 24 entrants to this tournament - first come first serve!

Looking forward to seeing you there - GLHF!
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