Fibromyalgia Assessment
At Neustar, we believe that we can help everyone improve their quality and enjoyment of life. From Fibromyalgia to Chronic Migraines to Insomnia, we have solutions that can alleviate your pain and discomfort and help you to lessen the stresses of everyday life. Each case is different and so, to better serve you, we encourage you to fill out this assessment form to help us find you the best solution to your situation.

Wellness is a choice, and it is our hope that we can help you find great choices that improve your relaxation and enjoyment of life.

When were you first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? *
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What kind of symptoms were you experiencing at the time? *
What kind of treatment plan are you on? *
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How do you manage your pain? *
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Have you found anything that is successful with alleviating your pain? *
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Tell me about your sleep patterns and how you sleep on any given night. (please be as detailed as you can) *
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