IISP Library User Survey
Dear Library user,

Our purpose is to serve you properly and more efficiently to make you engaged and motivated readers. So, we need to know your feedback on present library and its services. Please give two minutes of your time to complete this survey. We will carefully consider all responses.

When do you visit the library?
How many times do you visit the library each month?
Please check all the reasons you visit the library
Do you have enough time to visit the library?
When you visit, do you usually find the materials you need?
Do you find the staff approachable and helpful?
Do you use other libraries?
If so, which other libraries do you use?
Is this library a pleasant and comfortable place to visit?
What is the best thing about your school library?
Your answer
If there was one thing about this library you could improve, what would it be?
Your answer
Are the library rules fair?
Have you visited IISP Library Directory or library websites (PYP, MYP/IGCSE, IBDP and in Indus)
Knowledge Enhancer
Please rate the following:
Facility (table chairs, climate, attractiveness)
Accessibility (hours, pass system)
Assistance provided by library staff
Collection (books , periodicals, AV)
Do you think the library needs more databases?
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