National Muslim Women's Summit at Harvard University

Malikah is a global collective of women committed to building safety and power for ourselves and our communities. Over the past eight years, we have conducted healing spaces and trained over 3,000 women in seventeen cities across the globe in self-defense, economic empowerment, and organizing. Together, we are building a global grassroots movement to amplify every woman’s power.

Every year we run a national summit that gathers 50 young Muslim women (ages 17- 32) from across the country and brings them to Harvard University for a weekend long social justice intensive training. Our weekend programming is dedicated to opening space for young Muslim women to learn about the history of resistance within our communities, to map liberation for our communities and to connect with sisters and build a network of solidarity across the nation.

Malikah is spaces are committed to the following values 1) Being Inclusive 2) Practicing Collective Care 3) Purposefully Embrace Humanity and 4) Imagine, Act, Transform. For more information visit

Participants are expected to cover their own transportation to and from the conference venue, attend the entirety of the weekend's programming (March 29 - March 31st, starting at 4pm on Friday and ending at 5pm on Sunday), pay a $100 registration fee and maintain full respect of other organizers in the space. Very limited scholarship is available
based on financial need.

Malikah is a 501(c)(3) organization. To support our work financially or provide scholarship for this opportunity visit our website ( or email us at

Application deadline: 11/30/2018

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