Your Experience of Being Sanctuary: "Love Your Neighbor: Outreach, Mission, Volunteerism and Care"
Please answer these questions from your own experience.
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This ministry includes: Mission, Outreach and Service including Justice and Witness Work and Circles of Care Ministries ('Pastoral' Care, Lakota and Pine Ridge Ministries, AM2PM Community Service Program, 'Recovery' Ministries, Racial Justice Activities and Volunteer Opportunities such as Bread of Life, Outdoor Church, Open Sanctuary, etc.)
1. Please describe briefly which of the experiences (listed above) you have been (or are) involved in and how regularly you participate?
2. If you have been involved in these ministries please describe what motivates you to participate (there may be more than one reason).
3. Does the purpose or constituency of some opportunities interest you more than others? Can you tell us why?
4. Is there anything about the actual experience that effects your interest in participating (the way it is organized, accessibility, when it takes place, any other aspects)?
5. Is there an opportunity for service and care that we don't currently engage that would really excite you about serving?
6. If you have not been involved in any of these opportunities for service - can you tell us why?
7. What kind of support and encouragement have you gotten from Sanctuary folk or staff when it comes to 'Loving Your Neighbor' and serving, volunteering, caring? How might the congregation better support you in this? What do you need to participate or gain more?
8. Do you have any suggestions for Circles of Care/ Volunteer opportunities that we might consider?
9. Do you have any suggestions for Partnerships or Community Leaders that might support our efforts to grow the Circles of Care ministries?
10. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about this ministry?
11. Please tell us your name.
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