#DearHeroes Campaign Ambassador
Thank you for your interest in becoming our Campaign Ambassador. Here is a sanitised, socially-distanced hug to you :)

#DearHeroes is a global letter-writing campaign to doctors and nurses working at the frontline of COVID-19 work where everyone around the world, irrespective of age, religion or nationality, can write their messages of gratitude to our website. With the help of you, we will write and deliver these letters of gratitude to doctors and nurses in select hospitals and cities.

WHO is a Campaign Ambassador (CA) ?
A #DearHeroes Campaign Ambassador is a motivated individual of any age, nationality, gender or ethnicity who wants to co-lead operations with the letters of Love team. He/she/ they will be responsible in writing the letters.

WHAT are the responsibilities of a Campaign Ambassador (CA) ?
A Campaign Ambassador once selected will be oriented by a Letters of Love team member. We will map each CA to a requirement of a local hospital in your current city. He/She/They is/are then responsible for:
1. Writing the letters. A letter is only of 2-3 sentences and you can be creative and draw balloons, hearts, smiley faces, etc.
2. You are required to write anywhere between 50-100 letters in 3 weeks time. (Easy task! 1 letter only takes 3 min)
3. Making use of available scrap paper and colours at home as we strongly discourage going outside.
4. Delivering the letters (optional) to a point of contact (a doctor/nurse) in your mapped hospital and if it's not possible, coordinating with the Letters of Love team to ensure that the letters reach the ER.
For example : Pooja, our Founder, is a Campaign Ambassador based out of Mumbai, India. She is mapped to Kasturba Hospital, Mumbai, with a requirement of 100 letters. Pooja will have to finish writing the 100 letters in 3 weeks. She will then deliver it by hand OR use a delivery service OR ask the Letters of Love team for help. (If you incur any expenditure with respect to transport, stationery etc, Letters of Love will reimburse it)

WHY should I be a Campaign Ambassador (CA) ?
Being a CA, you will get to be a part of the world that are actually doing something meaningful while the pandemic plunges us into dark, difficult times. Our Campaign Ambassadors will form a global network of highly motivated volunteers who will be co-leading operations of this massive letter campaign in their own hometowns and cities. You can also request Letters of Love for a certificate or Letter of Recommendation if you'd like (We're always thrilled to give out those things to cool people like you!)

And in simple terms, we think you should be a Campaign Ambassador because the world needs you to step up :)

WHERE should I sign up ?
Right down below :)
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