2020 Board of Directors Application
ATD San Diego Board of Directors Best Practice Agreement
ATD San Diego is a professional society, and is also a real business that must be run in a professional manner. Our board members are the lifeblood of the organization since they must be both passionate about the talent development profession and savvy business leaders.

This best practice agreement outlines the benefits ATD San Diego board members receive along with the commitment they are expected to make in return.

Board Member Benefits
-- A “seat at the table” in a real business (ATD San Diego)
-- Chapter Leaders’ discount on National Membership
-- Travel subsidy to attend the ATD Leaders Conference (ALC)
-- 5 – 7 CPLP recertification credits per year (number of credits depends on position held)
-- Opportunities to network with industry leaders
-- Opportunities to build leadership skills
-- Accessibility to industry trends, professional growth opportunities
-- Mentoring and support from past and present Board Members

Board Member Expectations

All board members must:
-- Remain a member in good standing at ATD San Diego throughout their term of office
- Be current on dues
- Be compliant with ethics policy as a volunteer
-- Be an ATD National member throughout their term of office at ATD San Diego
-- Attend at least eight monthly chapter events annually, excluding board meetings
-- Attend at least nine board meetings annually
-- Be familiar with and abide by the by-laws, policies, and procedures at ATD San Diego
-- Be responsive to communication from other board and chapter members, which includes:
- Returning phone calls within one business day
- Replying to emails within two business days
- Notifying the board via email in advance of exception to this requirement, such as vacation, illness, business travel, etc.
-- Recruit and train at least one chapter member to cover board responsibilities when the board member is unavailable.
-- Recognize outstanding volunteers for their contributions at the annual volunteer recognition event
-- Maintain a Transition Package including checklists, forms, budgets, processes, and recommendations, in Google Drive

I commit to these board member expectations and agree to support our board and chapter in achieving the highest possible level of success. *
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