WA Hmong Youth Engagement Survey

With the vast growing population of Hmong youth in the greater-Seattle area, we would greatly appreciate if you could take the Hmong Youth Engagement Survey below.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information and data to better understand and meet the needs of the Hmong youth in our community. We hope as a community to provide more resources, opportunities and a voice for the Hmong youth.

Participants in the survey must identify as a Hmong person, be 25 years or younger and live in the state of Washington. We will be giving away two Hmong wooden chains from the project Street Stops and Mountain Tops to participants of the survey. For more information about Street Stops to Mountain Tops, visit http://streetstops.org/.

For any questions for concerns, please contact Kabao Xiong at kabaov.xiong@gmail.com.

Hmong Wooden Chains - Street Stops and Mountain Tops Project
1. Male or Female? *
2. How old are you? *
3. What city do you live in? *
4. What is your current occupation? *
5. What is your religious affiliation? *
6. Hmong is the dominant language spoken in my home. *
7. I have a healthy relationship with my immediate family members. *
8. My family encourages/supports me in sports, clubs and extra-curriculum activities outside of school. *
9. My family eats dinner together. *
10. My family plans events/activities to do together. *
11. My family supports my talents and interests. *
12. I attend events hosted by Hmong Association of Washington or Spiral Youth Club. *
13. I volunteer or help organize events hosted by HAW or Spiral. *
14. I believe events such as Hmong New Year Celebration are important to my community. *
15. I feel my community is inclusive and provides opportunities for others to be involve. *
16. I feel HAW and Spiral are important organizations in my community. *
17. I plan to attend college after high school. *
18. I believe having a higher education/degree will help support me in the future. *
19. My parents/family encourages me to attend college. *
20. There are resources and support in the Hmong community for me if I want to attend college. *
21. I consider myself as an artist (singer, dancer, rapper, graphic designer, etc.) *
22. I believe my community supports and provide opportunities to showcase the talents of Hmong artists. *
23. I would like to see more events to support Hmong artists in my community. *
24. I can read and write in Hmong. *
25. I speak Hmong around other Hmong people. *
26. I have Hmong roles models. *
27. I am proud to be a Hmong person. *
28. What are some challenges you face as a Hmong youth?
29. How can the Hmong Association of Washington and Spiral Youth Club meet the needs of Hmong youth?
30. What is the best way to contact you? *
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