WHCIS Family Survey
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How many children do you have at Winter Hill?
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In what grade is your student(s)? Check all that apply for more than one student.
Please rate your agreement with the following statement: when I walk into my student's school, I feel welcome.
This school year, how often did you meet in person or talk on the phone with teachers at your student's school?
This school year, how often did you email, text or exchange written messages with teachers at your student's school?
This school year, how often did you come into the school for a classroom or school event?
In this past school year, what forms of communication have you found most helpful from the school? Please check all that apply.
Other (types of communication)
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Please mark what workshops you would be interested in attending at your school:
Other types of workshops?
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In order to ensure that families get resources that they need, please check all statements that have been TRUE for your family in the past year.
Other issues affecting my family that I would like resources for are:
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If you would like someone to contact you directly about any of the above, please leave your first name and phone number.
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Please add any other comments or suggestions that will support family engagement at Winter Hill.
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Thank you for completing this survey.
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