Merrick County Youth & Agriculture Education Center Reservation Request
A contract will be sent to the renter upon receipt of this form. You will have two weeks to return the contract with the required deposit. Your event will then be put on the on-line calendar confirming your reservation. An additional payment and deposit will be due 14 days prior to the first day of your rental. If you have a technology glitch filling out this form, call (308)946-3843.
First & Last Name (must be a person filling out the form, not an organization name) *
Preferred Telephone Number including area code *
Email Address of Requestor *
If an organization or business event, what is the name of the organization?
Mailing Address including zip code *
Dates you are wanting to reserve a facility (include month, dates, year) *
If you are not requesting a full day rental, what times do you want the room(s) reserved for? Put a beginning and ending time.
Facilities you want to reserve for above dates *
The purpose of the facility is community events around youth and agriculture education. If your purpose is not directly related to this mission, please select "other" and specify the need. A committee will review the requests, and if request is denied your deposit will be returned.
Will you need Wifi *
What is the name of the event you will be hosting? *
Will alcohol be served or consumed at your event? *
What type of event are you requesting for? *
Are you requesting an exception on the rental prices? (weddings and personal events do not qualify) *
If you are requesting an exception, specify whether free or reduced rate, and explain your basis for the exception in detail. The building overseer committee will review and may deny, accept, or alter at their sole discretion (They meet the 3rd Monday of the month, if needed. Your reservation must be submitted by 5 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. Your presence is requested at the meeting but not required).
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