CORA Mountain Bike Ride/Volunteer Participant Waiver
This   is  a   Safety   Warning,   Release   and   Waiver   of   Liability,   Assumption   of   Risk, Indemnity   and   Parental   Consent   Agreement   –   PLEASE   READ   CAREFULLY   BEFORE SIGNING

By signing this Waiver, and in consideration of the opportunity to take part in activities conducted, sponsored, or promoted   by   Cincinnati   Off-Road   Alliance   (“CORA”),   I  do hereby agree to  release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue CORA, its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers (all for the purposes herein referred to as“Releasees”) from any and all liability or claims that may be sustained by me, my child/ward, or my heirs, executors ,administrators, legal representatives, assigns, and successors (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Successors”) for any and all damages, economic and non-economic losses, and any rights or claims that may arise directly or in directly in connection with my and/or my child/ward’s participation in the activity, even if caused in whole or in part by theReleasees. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Releasees from any and all liability resulting from claims, causes of action or losses sustained by third parties arising out of my and/or my child/ward’s actions during such activity(ies).

As a volunteer or a participant in CORA conducted, sponsored, or promoted programs/activities, I further hereby agree, understand and acknowledge that:

1. Participation in a recreational activity can be hazardous, whether such activity be a ride, trail maintenance, trail building or otherwise.  

2. No one should enter into a recreation activity unless medically able and having the requisite skill level.  

3. I assume all risk associated with this activity including, but not limited to: falls, contact with other participants or equipment, effects of weather, equipment failure, and condition of trail area.  

4. It is my responsibility to ascertain if this specific activity contains other elements of risk that could prove to be harmful to a participant.
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