STT20: Question Submissions
If you are unable to attend the CHI 2020 Smell, Taste, & Temperature Symposium live, but want to still ask questions, feel free to submit your questions to this form by Sunday, June 28, 2020. We will try to address as many questions as possible.

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If you'd like us to mention your name in the question, feel free to include it. This is totally optional! Questions can be anonymous.
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For each question, please state who the question is directed to (or if it's for a Session in general). For example, "To Jas Brooks: Why was eucalyptol selected instead of menthol?" or "To the Taste Session: What do you think would be the role of interactive smell and taste devices in the dynamics of mukbangs?" This is to help the organizers and session chairs sort through questions before the event!
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