Quiz PMPeople #1
Welcome to PMPeople Quiz #1: ORGANIZING PROJECTS

In next section you can answer some questions to get familiar on ORGANIZING PROJECTS with PMPeople.

Before that, if you are not registered yet, please register in PMPeople at: https://pmis.pmpeople.org

When you first enter in free organization PMPeople, you will see you can access with different roles from Demand Management or Supply Management perspectives. These roles can be turned on/off by you.

In PMPeople, as a Project Manager, you can manage several projects of different organizations, within several business units. You can read about role definitions here:

For instance, as a Functional Manager, you can create business units, projects inside them, assign them to Project Managers and/or Requesters, include them into programs and portfolios, etc. These organizing functions can also be performed by the role PMO.

To do this practice let's assume a Functional Manager has organized 9 projects into 4 business units within the free organization PMPeople, and has assigned you with certain roles. When you first enter, you will see these 9 projects organized in 4 business units with the prefix “DEMO”.

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