Free Lawn Care for Single Women in New Orleans
The Free Lawn Care for Single Women Program relieves stress from women so that they can move forward with other goals.
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Free Lawn Care for Single Women in New Orleans
All SINGLE women regardless of income are invited to apply for the FREE Lawn Care Program in New Orleans. Are you a single woman in New Orleans without a male partner living in your home? *
I ask about a male partner living in your home because if you have a man living in your home HE needs to be taking care of your lawn.
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NOLA Neighborhood *
Phone *
Is your lawn must be SMALL and easily accessible without having to make an appointment? *
I need to be able to slip into your yard, trim it and leave without disturbing you. Lawns behind locked fences or gates are not easily accessible.
Physical Address *
Your address will never be shared with anyone. I trim all lawns personally and will never send anyone in my place. Your home address is secure.
I understand that I am requesting FREE Lawn Care and it is voluntary. I will not hold Te-Erika Patterson liable for any damages to property or lawns during her maintenance service. *
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