PTS Facilitator Trainee Self-Evaluation Form
This evaluation was created to assist you with seeing your growth / opportunities and to assist PTS with tracking your progress. Please fill it out based on your experience of yourself in the class you just completed.

Please note, if you are an MSS facilitator trainee, you will complete this form at the end of each quarter. (DSS facilitator trainees will complete a different monthly self-evaluation.)

This online form will take you 15-20 minutes to complete, depending on your pace. Once you have started filling out this application, PLEASE complete it in its entirety.

Once we receive your completed self-evaluation and the evaluation of your lead facilitator, we will follow up with you. Please understand that it is your responsibility to remind your lead facilitator to go to to access the online evaluation form (under "Forms / Formularious" at the top of the page).

God bless you!

In Light & Love,
The PTS Team
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