Lubbly Jubblies - Monthly Applier Event @Cleavage
Lubbly Jubblies is a monthly applier event held at the Cleavage region to provide new and exclusive items for the implant community.

A limited number of spots will be made available each month for stores already located on the region with the remaining spots open to designers of implant friendly items.


✔ Invitation to the Lubbly Jubblies group must be accepted in order to rez your items and claim your spot.
✔ Sponsors will get 35 prims at an event cost of 850L. LJ sponsors are drawn from current Cleavage shops.
✔ Regular shops will get 25 prims at an event cost of 600L.
✔ Items presented at the event must include at least one NEW (you've never sold the item before) and EXCLUSIVE (not to be sold until after the round ends) item. Additional pre-released items or items for other mesh body parts are welcome, up to your prim limit.
✔ The NEW EXCLUSIVE item must be boobie related or boobie friendly as the event name suggests.
✔ No out of the box templates will be accepted into the event as either NEW or EXCLUSIVE.
✔ Item must include appliers, not sold separately.

✔ Event will run from the 15th to the 13th to avoid the event crush at the beginning of each month.
✔ Designers will be able to set up the 14th of each month and must be available or other arrangements made to be set up on time.
✔ There will be a blogger list as well as notices in-world and online for advertising. Please provide your items or at minimum a pic to be included in the advertising each month.


✔ Please complete the application below. You will receive a NC if you are accepted into the event with further information and a group invite.
✔ Designers already on the Cleavage region should IM the manager of your interest in participating in this event.

Thank you!

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