Section W-1S Communications Interest Form
The Section W-1S Communications Team (Comms Team) is a committee of the Council of Chiefs of Section W-1S, Order of the Arrow. The team is responsible for several key aspects of communication and messaging for the section. The team was originally formed in 2016 as the section social media team. In 2017, the team was expanded and renamed the communications team. The team, lead by the section secretary, is a youth led team supported by adult advisers. Unlike other section committees, the Comms Team operates year round.

The Section W-1S Communications Team is responsible for the section website, social media channels, texting service, newsletter, brand design, brand assets, brand guidelines, written content, analysis of engagement, mobile app, and the collection and archival of photos and videos. The mission of the Section W-1S Communications Team is to connect, share, and inspire the Arrowmen of Section W-1S and support the communications needs of the section and the lodges it serves.

The team is constantly changing and expanding to meet the needs of the section. We have a variety of staff openings. Examples of staff roles include: content writer, graphic designer, social media content creator, web developer, mobile app developer, photographer, event ambassador, and many more. We will adjust your role to work with your experience level and interest.

The team frequently has roles available for youth and adult Arrowmen across the section who are interested in contributing to section communications, either with their current skills or to learn new ones.

Please fill out the following form to indicate your interest in joining the team. Please indicate what skills and qualifications you possess.

If you have any questions, please contact the team at
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