Bergamo Center Guest Survey
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Before your visit, did you know that the Bergamo Center is sponsored the Society of Mary (The Marianists)?
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Did you learn anything about the Marianists while you were here?
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If so, what did you learn?
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The environment made it easy to get to know one another.
I felt welcome during my stay.
The environment helped me to focus on God.
I found the art and visuals at Bergamo to be helpful and inspiring.
The environment made people of diverse backgrounds feel included.
After my stay, I feel inspired to continued faith and service to others.
The space at Bergamo inspired me to reflect on the importance of Mary as a model of faith.
What could have been added to the environment at Bergamo to enhance your stay?
Is there anything about the environment at Bergamo that detracted from your experience here?
What was the best part of your experience at Bergamo?
What is your age group?
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What is the name of your school or group?
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