Calm Point Product Survey!
Thank you in advance for the next few clicks of your mouse. While all responses are optional, the next two minutes of your time will be immeasurably valuable to the Calm Point team in providing our best product.
Which Calm Point model(s) have you used?
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How often do you use it?
What are “triggers” that remind you to use Calm Point?
(Trouble sleeping, staff meetings, dinner with your mother-in-law, etc.)
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What would you change about Calm Point?
Please provide at least one specific example.
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How do you feel about the packaging?
(Calm Point case, instructions, color, functionality, etc.) Please be brutally honest!
Needs Improvement
Any comments or helpful suggestions on packaging &/or instructions
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How would you prefer to remain connected to Calm Point?
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Do you think $42 is a reasonable price for a Calm Point?
Any comments or helpful suggestions on pricing.
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Would you be willing to give a video testimonial or do a phone interview?
If so, please give you name and best way to contact you. And don't worry, we will make sure you are compensated for your time!
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