Scarefest 4 Feedback Survey
When you were coming to Scarefest this year, how well informed did you feel (did you know where to go, what the schedule was, etc.)?
How do you feel about the date? As in, we could move it to the weekend *right* before Halloween, or stay around two weeks out. Thoughts?
Did you feel the event was worth the price of your ticket?
How were your games?
I've had more fun playing tic tack toe with an amoeba.
More fun than that time I played with Gary Gygax, himself. Which was last week, because the veil is thin.
Was there anything in particular we should know about any of your games? Good or bad...
Your answer
How was the organization of the convention? If you had questions or problems, were you able to find someone on staff to help you quickly? Were we a well-oiled machine?
Were there any particular incidents involving staff or general organization you'd like to tell us about? Good or bad...
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If you got a meal ticket, how satisfied were you with the food you received in return?
Not. I've had better prison food.
Loved it more than my favourite food covered in sprinkles, presented by Gary Gygax, himself. Which happened last week, and this was better.
If you did not get a meal ticket, are you inclined to next year?
How did you feel about our prize distribution systems? Were they fair? Efficient? Fun?
Like your average Cyberman: Clunky and stupid.
Like the tenth Doctor: Brilliant.
How was Yeti Adventure Time?
Are there any particular games/game systems you'd like to see offered?
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Are there any items or services you think we should offer which we are not?
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Anything else you want to tell us? All feedback is appreciated.
Your answer would you rate AVL Scarefest overall?
Worst experience of my life. And I've been dead 25 years!
Best convention I've ever attended. The fact that I can't stop smiling is really freaking out my co-workers today.
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