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Read the text and answer the following questions.
1. In lines I -5, we learn that the treasure was found *
2. What shows that the explorers are honest men? (lines 6-12) *
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3. What helped the archeologists date the objects that were found? (lines 6-12) *
4. Archeologists think that the coins and the jewelry were (lines 6-12) *
5. What is the connection between historical events in the 4th century BCE and the treasure that was found? (lines 13-17). COMPLETE THE SENTENCES. (l) During that time in history,............ (2) The treasures were probably put in the cave in order to .............. *
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6. What other important discovery was found in the cave? (lines 18-22)Give ONE answer. *
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7. Put A "V" by the TWO correct answers (lines 23-26). The location of the cave is a secret because the Israel Antiquities Authority (-). *
8. Another title for this report could be (-). *
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