2017 Petition. America, Honor Your Promise: Citizenship for All Adoptees
Urge the United States of America to honor her promise of a better life for all adoptees and ask Members of Congress to support the ADOPTEE CITIZENSHIP ACT, which provides citizenship to all individuals who were adopted by U.S. citizen parents.

Without citizenship, adoptees have limited work and travel options, cannot access public benefits or qualify for home loans, and are at risk for deportation to countries where they have no known family, do not know the language or culture and have little chance of survival.

Visit AdopteeRightsCampaign.org for more information!

In support of the Adoptee Citizenship Act
Support the Adoptee Citizenship Act. #CitizenshipForAllAdoptees. [Upclose image depicting handheld USA flag, text overlay "America, Honor Your Promise. Adoptee Citizenship Act #Citizenship For All Adoptees"]
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