Philippine Esperanto Youth - Registration Form
If you arrived at this page, you might be an Esperanto speaker or somebody who is interested in learning Esperanto. That's why we, from the Philippine Esperanto Youth, ask you to fill up the following forms in order to become a member of the organization. Your contact information shall remain confidential and will not be given to others without your due permission. Welcome to Philippine Esperanto Youth!
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Write in this format: Surname, First Name, Middle Name. Ex. Santiago, Miriam, Defensor
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Sex *
Philippine Esperanto Youth recognizes and favors gender equality, in accordance to its principles and objectives. All Filipino youth, regardless of their sexual orientation, are welcome to be members of the organization. Besides, the organization can be a home where people from different sexes can freely express themselves.
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Filipino youth not above 35 years old at the time of registration are eligible to be members of the organization. Also, we need your birthdate so we can send you birthday wishes!
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