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Student Code of Conduct
Weber School District
Code of Conduct Contract (53A-11-908)

The Utah State Legislature recognizes that participation in student government and extracurricular activities may confer important education and lifetime benefits upon students. Weber School District encourages a variety of opportunities for all students to participate in such activities in meaningful ways; there is no constitutional right to participate in these types of activities and does not create such a right. The Legislature and District further note that those who participate in student government and extracurricular activities including coaches and advisors, become role models for others in the school and community. These individuals play major roles in establishing standards of acceptable behavior in the school and community, and in establishing and maintaining the reputation of the school and the level of community confidence and support afforded the school. When a student agrees to participate in an extracurricular activity sponsored by the school, he/she is agreeing to abide by the reasonable and rigorous standards the school chooses to promote and impose.
It is of the utmost importance that those involved in student government, whether as officers or advisors, and those involved in competitive athletics and related activities, whether students or staff, comply with all state laws and school rules of behavior and conduct themselves at all times in a manner befitting their positions and responsibilities. Extracurricular participants who do not abide by established community and school rules, laws and standards may lose their opportunity to represent their school in extracurricular activities.
With the ever-increasing use of social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram), it is imperative that students participating in any extracurricular activities, clubs, groups and leadership organizations understand that they will be expected to adhere to appropriate standards regarding any posts (including photos), tweets, snapchats, etc. Any use of social media platforms by students, on or off campus, may be monitored by the administration and disciplinary action may be taken, including removing a student from the team, group, activity, and/or organization, if use is deemed inappropriate. Standards related to appropriate use of social media platforms include, but are not limited to: zero tolerance for cyber-bullying; harassment (all forms); lewd, suggestive, or sexually explicit posts/photos; discriminatory remarks/posts; posts/photos depicting or promoting illegal activities (alcohol, drugs, e-cigs), re-tweeting any/all of the above, etc.
In addition, the State Legislation, State Board of Education, and Weber School Board prohibit the following:
The use of foul, abusive or profane language;
The use, possession or distribution of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia, and the use, possession of distribution of nicotine products or alcoholic beverages contrary to law; and
Hazing, demeaning or assaultive behavior.

This piece of legislation (53A-11-908) makes clear that its prohibitions relate not only to students and District employees, but also all adult coaches, advisors and assistants. It also requires all school employees who reasonably believe that there has been a violation of the above prohibitions to report the violation to the principal or District Athletic Director. Failure to report by a person who holds a professional certificate constitutes an unprofessional practice under the statute.

I have read and understand the preceding regarding inappropriate use of social media, inappropriate behavior, foul, abusive or profane language; hazing, demeaning or assaulting behavior; the use of controlled substances.

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