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The EMC is an interdisciplinary Center of Experience at Champlain College committed to educate and inspire next-generation media creators to be thoughtful contributors to our media culture. Guided by faculty and staff, students are able to apply skills gained in their majors to both internal and client-based projects, allowing them to conceptualize, prototype, and produce a wide range of media and design-related solutions to create positive impact.

We’re a creative studio that prioritizes experiential education, design thinking, and iteration on the pathway to innovative solutions for partnering organizations. Collaboration is at the core of everything we do. We believe that only by bringing together a diverse mix of students, faculty, staff, and subject matter experts, can we achieve our shared goal of creating positive impact through intentional, well-designed media.

*We offer: design thinking, question/brainstorming events, conceptualization, prototyping, project management, and media production.

*We work with: individuals, entrepreneurs, large and small companies, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and the Champlain College community in industries such as business, communication, digital humanities, education, entertainment, health & medicine, social justice, sustainability, the arts, and tourism.

*With outputs such as: low and high fidelity concepts and prototypes of mobile apps, games, mixed reality, AR, VR, and digital and analog interactive experiences, plus polished pieces of video and motion & static graphics.

For industry partners, the EMC offers access to the unencumbered creativity and talent of bright young people, guided by experienced faculty and staff. This leads to relevant and innovative solutions that are inclusive of stakeholder input. The interdisciplinary EMC team generates high-quality work from solid, thoroughly-conceived ideas that often extend beyond the potential of an in-house effort. Partners uniquely contribute to the education and development of these promising young professionals while also being tuned into post-graduation hiring prospects. Additionally, partners often find developed prototypes to be keystones in having a proof of concept or seeking investment for their project. Since its inception in 2006, the EMC has completed over 60 partner-sponsored projects of varying size and scope.

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