2016/17 Fairmeadow Safe and Welcoming School Student Survey
Directions: Please respond to the questions below to show how you feel at Fairmeadow. If you are unsure about what one of the questions or answers means, please ask your teacher.

Please be honest and fill out the survey as it applies to you, not someone else. Pick the answer to each question that is the closest to how you feel.

1. What grade are you in? *
2. How long have you gone to school at Fairmeadow? *
3. What activities have you done during recess and lunch? *
4. What are your favorite activities to do during recess and lunch? *
5. Do you feel safe during recess and lunch? *
6. Do you have fun at recess? *
7. Do you follow playground rules at your school? *
8. How often do you get hurt during recess? *
9. Do students follow playground rules at your school? *
10. Do you know how to get help at school, when you need it, on the playground? *
11. If you ask an adult for help at school, do they help you? *
12. Do you have friends to play with at recess? *
13. How often do you feel locked out or excluded from recess activities? *
14. Do adults at your school teach students to care about each other and treat each other with respect? *
15. Do you feel safe at school? *
16. Do adults at your school listen when you have a problem? *
17. Do students in your class treat each other with respect? *
18. Does your teacher help students solve problems with one another? *
19. How many times have you been physically hurt by another student on purpose at Fairmeadow? *
20. Do you trust your teacher and other grown ups at school? *
21. Do you feel welcome in your classroom? *
22. How often have you been teased or treated unfairly on the playground? *
23. Do Fairmeadow students treat you with respect? *
24. Do Fairmeadow students treat each other with respect? *
25. How often have you physically hurt someone on purpose at Fairmeadow?
26. Do you know what to do if there is an emergency at school? *
27. Is there a place or time at school where or when you feel unsafe? If yes, please explain in writing.
Your answer
28. What would you change about Fairmeadow to make it feel even more welcoming for you and other children?
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29. If you have a problem to solve, how many adults at Fairmeadow do you feel comfortable talking to? *
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