Questions for candidates at the European Elections 2019
NELFA - the Network of European LGBTIQ* Families Associations - founded by national LGBTIQ* families organisations, is today composed of 34 members representing 28 countries and thousands of LGBTIQ* parents, their children and families-to-be, all across the European Union and beyond.

An LGBTIQ* or “rainbow” family is composed of at least one adult defining themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, or queer (LGBTIQ*) person and being a parent either with legal parenting rights or acting and acknowledging themselves as parent, but without the rights and status attached thereto – also referred to a “social” parent.

LGBTIQ* families are diverse as the color of the rainbow flag, with families formed through a former heterosexual union then dissolved when one of the parents is assuming their sexual orientation, through adoption or foster care or through contribution of a third party, i.e. with a sperm donor (with or without medical assistance, known or unknown donor) or by surrogacy.

LGBTIQ* families may be composed of one parent, a couple of two men or two women or three to four adults - and in that case, also referred as co-parenting families.

LGBTIQ* families are facing diverse situations in legal and social terms, depending on their respective country of residence or nationality, from full rights and integration to no rights and active discrimination. Therefore, within the EU, these families could cease to exist when crossing borders and moving from one Member State to another Member State.

NELFA’s aim is to raise awareness of the EU stakeholders and law makers about LGBTIQ* parents and their children, in their country and within the EU, and to contribute to bring forward remediation to make LGBTIQ* families as equal as all other families and stop discrimination either silent or active.

In that perspective, NELFA is reaching out to you as candidate at the next elections for the European Parliament and would like to know your position on the following questions:
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