Welcome to the Open Market Consultation Questionnaire.
Results of the questionnaire will be used to improve the Empattics' understanding about the market, register market's interest, along with getting the market's feedback on the Pre-Commercial Procurement tender setup.

About Empattics
Four European Regions from Spain, Denmark and France have joined efforts around the common challenge to empower their citizens with chronic diseases to self-manage their condition by exploring innovative ICT tools that will be acquired through a Pre-Commercial Procurement tender.

That means that instead of looking for commercially available solutions, the Buyers will procure Research and Development services from several suppliers in parallel in three eliminatory phases.
Resulting prototypes will be tested for diabetes (type I and II), cardiac insufficiency and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease within the Buyers' regions.

More information
Prior to filling out the questionnaire, you are more than welcome to:
- consult the website
- consult the brochure of EMPATTICS
- meet the project partners at EMPATTICS Workshops.

Take note that:
- Neither the information provided in the questionnaire, nor the responses are binding.
- Filling out this questionnaire neither is a prerequisite, nor gives an advantage for submitting bids in the EMPATTICS tender.
- Except obligatory contact information, respondents have the option to answer the questions, that they find relevant.
- Responders who answer the questionnaire allow the EMPATTICS team to use the information for the purposes of project´s development
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