AcroCamp Barcelona | New year 2020
DEC 28 - 1 JAN | Omshanti Yoga Studio
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Standing Acro
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What AcroYoga and Standing Acro skills would you like to work on at the AcroCamp?
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What are your expectations for the AcroCamp?
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Social Price
We want everything to go on winning, so the more students there are, the cheaper it will be for everyone. The price includes course, accommodation and meals.
· 520€ | 10 students
· 440€ | Between 10 and 14 students
· 410€ | Between 15 and 19 students
· 390€ | 20 students or more

· 390€ | Includes 3 meals per day, no accommodation

Queremos que todo salgais ganando así que cuantos más alumnos haya mas barato será para todos. El precio incluye curso, alojamiento y comidas.
· 520€ | 10 alumnos
· 490€ | Entre 10 y 14 alumnos
· 475€ | Entre 15 y 19 alumnos
· 440€ | 20 alumnos o más

· 390€ | Incluye 3 comidas al día, sin alojamiento
Do you want to share your room with a specific friend?
Quieres compartir habitación con algun amigo concreto?
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Allergies or Special Diet
Alergias o Dieta especial
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