Ethnofonik #10 - Call for participants
From Wednesday November 18th 2020, to Saturday November 29th 2020 included.

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“Ethnofonik” is a comprehensive, interactive training course aiming to provide participants tools to facilitate exchange of cultures to different audiences through music.

Ethnofonik is build as a musical and social training, enabling participants to become effective coaches on musical exchange projects in various contexts from international exchanges to local musical workshops. It is based on example of 'artistic leader' role in Ethno, a program of Jeunesses Musicales International (

Through a combination of participatory workshops, group discussions and performances, adopting an interactive approach throughout and a constant reflection and evaluation, participants will work on :
- Reflecting on and sharing previous artistic coaching experiences together with experimenting specific types of pedagogical approaches offered by the international team of trainers (Myriam De Bonte, Nils Peschanski, Vincent Combet, Lucile Jauffret plus speakers).
- Understanding the relevance of this type of coaching to encourage active participation of young musicians, to foster their own meeting and the meeting with local communities.
- Identifying and improving specific knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in artistic coaching and for involving local communities in international projects.
- Putting tools, methods, techniques and materials into practice in real workshop situations.

Participants' work will be also shared with French audiences through open rehearsals for school classes, a series of music workshops on traditional music for young French musicians (designed and run by Ethnofonik participants) and small concerts in neighbouring organisations. The whole Ethnofonik orchestra will also perform three public concerts, presenting original arrangements of traditional tunes from represented cultures.
For you to know, you will need in between 1/2 and 1 hour to complete this form.
We are living uncertain moments nowadays. But within this context, Ethnofoniks’ partners keep their motivation and optimism to welcome another edition !They will organise the residency according to the sanitary rules that will be active at that time in France.By sending your application, please keep in mind that we will be able to tell you every detail about how it’s gonna work (sanitary measures etc.), when we will announce the selection (Sept 2020). At that time, and considering those info, you will be able to confirm your participation, or decline the invitation.
Before starting to full-file this form, please read carefully the "Ethnofonik 20 - Call for participants"
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