The Imam Al Tirmidhi Seerah & Adab Online Diploma Program
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We want to thank you for the interest you have shown in choosing to study with Cordoba Academy and request that you read through the following guidelines before completing the admission form. Submitting the form & paying the admin fee will mean your acceptance to the conditions stipulated.

The course does not require that you understand Arabic as translation and explanation in English will be offered for each part of the text during the lessons offered

If you are a female studying in a mixed gender online class, we appreciate that your bashfulness is a product of Islam. Therefore, you are not required to read the texts aloud to the mentor in class.

The courses are all held online in live interaction and you have to ensure that you attend sessions on time if you are seeking to receive Ijazah/certification for these classes. All students will be given 1 hour of private study time with the course mentor to make up for unavoidable absence. Any further time required privately with the course mentor is chargeable at the rate of $25 per hour.

All core (essential) courses will be held in the same time slot throughout the program which is 3 -5 pm Makkah time currently 8am NY / 1pm UK / 8pm KL

Conditions of Admission

1. To observe Islamic ethics towards mentors and fellow students in the program
2. To be fully committed to the full program and punctual in attendance throughout. If you drop out for a reason unrelated to Cordoba Academy, you do not have any right to request certification for your study, but you may re-apply for admission in the next offering of the program.
3. To ensure you have a basic grasp of IT programs such as Word, PDF & Emails.
4. To be fully committed to completing assignments within the deadlines fixed. Any late submission may incur an admin fee of $25.
5. Refund & withdrawal policy is: 100 % if at least 2 weeks before the term begins. Once the term begins, no refund is issued and course fees can be credited for future course including for a friend or family member.

Should you have any queries about the program you may email us at or ask in the CA Diploma Helpdesk on Whatsapp (Click on Link Below)
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